I know you are all feeling a little funny about me not locking up my hubby for the time being. My diary has always been focused on that, so it is a huge shock for my amazing followers. I love you all by the way!! But let me assure you, I am in the very capable hands of my Aussie boyfriend, @rossrose87. We are going to be playing a little bit with my Fancy Steel chastity belt together, but it won’t always be about that. Life is about tasting the buffet, not loading up your plate with one option. I will keep saying this until I’m blue in the face, my diary is MY REAL LIFE. It is a continuous story, with surprises around every corner even for me. Thank you all so much for tuning in everyday to see what I’m up to. Here is a little video that Mr. Rose challenged me to take in under 3 minutes today for him. I immediately accepted the challenge and closed my office door at work to take this. I got the most amazing present from completing this challenge in time. Now you can enjoy his video as a present for hanging out with me everyday and using your tickets for this never ending rollercoaster.