For Retrospective Purposes


Dear Diary,
I was a bad Bella Girl last night and told a lie to my hubby. It was an innocent lie, but an unnecessary one. I took it upon myself this morning to tell my hubby the truth, because I don’t feel bad about what I did. But, we don’t lie in our house and I have agreed to be punished for my transgression. My instructions so far are to send my husband pictures of how I could be tied up tonight. I will more than likely be forced to use up the rest of my 5 orgasms. Hubby used his emergency key to let himself out for work and will be locked back up after he has his way with me. Our chastity story won’t always be about him locked up and me getting my way. Most of the time, yes! But, we are still married and blazing our own trail. This is OUR journey, so there are no wrong answers here. Just experiences and explorations into the unknown, together.

I’m very proud of you for sharing this with everyone on tumblr. Ill be sure to share this evening’s activities with everyone as well. Thank you sweetheart. After I’m done with you ill bee happy to go back in my belt