rossrose87:Laying down my rules for @bellagirlkeyholder’s play...


Laying down my rules for @bellagirlkeyholder’s play time.

Many of you have been reading my diary since I started writing in it. You have seen the ups and downs. The rapid fire caption posting and then periods of, “Where is Bella Girl?”. My hubby has been supporting this journey the whole way through, even when I wasn’t very kind to him. You are my rock boo boo! And someone else has also been apart of my journey since I started my diary. I met him as, ‘Mr. Rose’, but he has quickly accumulated many other names. Friend, PIC, Boyfriend, Keyholder, Sir, to name a few. I lock myself up, mentally and physically, for a man who lives on the other side of the world. I choose to do this only for him. I am not only enjoying every second of this journey with him, but I am also learning how special locking up your partner can really be. It’s not about long term wear every time the lock is shut. It is more about the moments that you share together and the mental stimulation that is built over time. ️ @cbpetey69@rossrose87