Chastity blogs

Hubby and I played a little game last night which included both of us locked up, ankles bound to our chair legs and our hands cuffed from behind. Weights, pulleys, handcuff keys, thread, empty K-Cups with holes poked through the bottom, and ice cubes.

The rules were simple. When your ice cube melted, the weights and key would drop and the first person to unlock the cuffs and untie themselves would win an orgasm. Any way they want it.

It was a close race. We were both blowing on our cups, water spraying out, thread getting twisted, reaching for our keys with our tongues. Stretching, bending, struggling. Adrenaline pumping. Stealing glances at each others progress and gauging our chances of success or defeat.

I am extremely competitive and losing sucked. But I am as humble as I am competitive and @cbpetey69 won fair and square. Congratulations baby! I want you to cum however and wherever you’d like!