As part of my training, I’ve been sleeping in my full set of...

As part of my training, I’ve been sleeping in my full set of shackles all week. They go on after Sir is done with me for the day and work as a constant reminder that I am owned even when I’m not being used at that moment. The shackles also ensure that I wake up wet and eager to be made useful, which is helpful when I have a long day of being belted ahead of me. 

After I’m locked into the shackles, I have to put the keys in the key safe for 2 hours.. thats enough time to let me fall asleep but makes the keys available if I have some sort of late night freak out -which is unlikely, but stranger things have happened. 

The first night I didn’t have to attach the chains, but starting the second night forward I used chains as well. I love how the chains restrict my arm movement, but not enough to make moving impossible.. just makes everything a little slower. Since the chains and shackles are powder coated they seem to feel a little warmer on my body than regular chains, but they’re still cold and heavy and deliciously oppressive. :)

As far as sleeping goes, it takes me a little while to get comfortable in them, but once I’m asleep I have no trouble making it the whole night. The jingly noises make them even harder to ignore, and serve as a good reminder of how sluts with greedy pussies are treated treated. 

Thankfully, I have the freedom to cum whenever I want once Sir is done with me so this is the perfect time to take advantage of that. Nothing hotter than laying in bed with heavy shackles and chains and thinking about all the slutty things I did during the day to please Sir. :)