Q: Can you tell me more about the hybrid fancy steel belt/ the shield looks a bit flat/small. Is it uncomfortable? Does it prevent sensation? My primary concern is preventing clitoral stimulation.

I totally understand your concern about the shield being flat.. I think this shield has the same (or maybe a little more coverage than the regular shields so it definitely prevents clit stimulation. Its also easier to put it on, and get in the right position without any adjustments, and I believe there are 2 shield sizes to choose from.

Since the waist part is leather, its a little more flexible -which makes it very comfortable to wear, but there’s a slightly higher risk of being able to reach under it if not on tight enough.. (but thats true for any belt). 

So, the bottom line is that its definitely effective at preventing clit stimulation and the leather makes it super comfy to wear. :) 

I think this belt is perfect for someone who likes the idea of chastity but might be a little intimidated by all the steel of the more rigid belts. You won’t be disappointed! (Well.. someone will be disappointed, but not the key holder, lol)