Q: Do you have a gag reflex? Also does sir ever do aftercare with you or is it all go when you're together

Of course I have a gag reflex, and I think mine is kinda sensitive… Thats probably one thing I wish I was better at. Sir has never corrected me on it, so I must be adequate. 

While practicing on dildos I’m sometimes told to use a cock ring to measure depth for Sir’s approval. The depth is then used to determine how deeply I can fuck my pussy with it…Always more fun when I have to earn it. :)

As far as aftercare goes, Sir is awesome with that. He’s the first Dom I’ve ever had that spends time giving meaningful cuddles and petting after play. He’s very affectionate. Now I’m kinda spoiled in that regard. Before him I didn’t know that this kind of affection was even an option. :/

When we do training long distance its a bit different because I obviously can’t have direct petting, but he’s always available to talk or help me any way he can. I don’t think I require THAT much aftercare, anyway. I just need time to rest and process what just happened, (and thats usually when I sneak in my orgasms.. while thinking about and re-living the slutty things I just did)  It works out well.  

I think all subs process their experience differently, so its important to figure out what each one needs (assuming you want them to come back to play with you again, lol). It also depends on the intensity of play. Sometimes I just need to be left alone and sometimes I really need to be petted. Either way, Sir always knows what to do. 

Thank you for the questions!