First, I want to thank you for your blog. It is very inspiring. Second, I'm very interested in metal...

Q: First, I want to thank you for your blog. It is very inspiring. Second, I'm very interested in metal chastity belts. How comfortable are they? What is the longest duration you wore them? How about a body functions? Can you recommend Fancy Steel?

Such great questions! I get asked these things a lot, so I hope you don’t mind I’m sharing the answers with everyone. :)

The longest I’ve worn any belt is only for a few hours (maybe 6-8 at the most). All the chastity girls have different reasons for wearing their belts, and that dictates how long they are interested in having them on. Some like long term orgasm denial, some like the safety and a sense of being valuable.. For me, it’s become a part of my uniform for training because I’m far too focused on my own pleasure.

So, I wear mine only during a play session as a way to completely eliminate the option getting any attention to my pussy so I can better focus on serving Sir or focus on a task he has given me.

All the belts are perfectly comfortable once you get used to wearing something tight, but I would always recommend buying a leather belt first. Just to try out the idea. Metal belts are very expensive and it’s important to get the sizing right, so you will want to have experience with how that may feel on your body.

As far as bodily functions go, I can’t really attest to that..Other than being so wet I make a mess that drips through the holes in the shield. Which is then cleaned up per my usual rules.. ;)

The other girls I know say it’s easy to go to the bathroom with it on. They use spray bottles, showers and hair driers to clean things. They also wear panties over the belt to manage drips. I guess just don’t have that kind of motivation, lol. I suppose eventually Sir will have me wear a belt for more than 24 hours and I will have more experience to share. For now, I’m just using it for play. :)

I can totally recommend Fancy Steel! I’m in love with both of my belts and the maker has been fantastic to work with. Not to mention, they are truly pieces of art. Every part of the belt is beautiful to look at. I especially love the gold accents. It’s also very secure and performs exactly as expected.

The cable design allows you to easily change out shields and add or remove a rear opening depending on what you want to do or have done to you.. I love having so many options. I also love having something that’s unique. You see the same belt design everywhere, and I like having something that’s completely different, but still functional. It fits my personality well.

I also like that the cable design is more easily adjustable than the typical rigid metal belt. With the other belt, adjusting the size was a massive chore- seemed like a lot of nuts and bolts and was difficult to size and then make tight again. Nothing ruins a play session faster than a 45 minute break to adjust a belt, lol.

With the Fancy Steel belt you just loosen a screw and slide the cable. It’s an ingenious design and super easy. I wouldn’t say there a ton of room for adjustment, but there’s definitely enough room to adjust for a little more movement or to add a toy.

I also love that the belts can be worn with and without the lining and that they are comfortable both ways. I previously had a cheaper metal belt and it was always a struggle to keep the lining on and caused massive problems when it came off. Always joked that I was going to get tetanus from the sharp edges, lol. That’s not something you want to have to think about when playing.

I used to have to tape the lining down and I really don’t like how that looks. Not even with pretty pink tape. I have a very low frustration tolerance for toys that don’t hold up well.

The Fancy Steel shields don’t need a lining at all. They are very comfortable and definitely work as intended. The dome shield literally prevents all sensation and it’s suuuuuuuper frustrating to wear (in a good way). I also like that the shields come apart so I can thread through one of my bad dragon toys or an inflatable toy. Adds so many options for play!

Hope that answers some questions! Feel free to message me and I can answer privately for anything else.