Got a new jacket so tonights task was to find some Sir approved outfits that I can wear with it. After trying on a bunch of different outfits this was the one that he liked the most. 

It’s always fun for me to spend lots of time doing hair and makeup, and trying on clothes for him. I love the whole inspection process and I think it’s sexy he’s suuuuuuper picky about what he wants to see. 

Even when I pick out an outfit that I know is totally acceptable he can always find some reason to send me back to the closet to try on something different without making me feel like I failed or that I looked bad to begin with. That being said, if I spent 2 hours getting ready and trying clothes on for anyone else and they said, “I’d like to see that outfit with different boots..and maybe fix ur ponytail” I’d punch them in the throat heheheh..