Here are a few pics from the first part of my task on Sunday.

The task was to get the wevibe in my pussy followed by the inflatable dildo.  Then I was to put the metal belt over the whole thing, lock it up tight, and pray that Sir had better things to do than train his slut. 

The dildo holds the vibrator in place making it that much harder to adjust my position and escape once I’ve started to cum, and having the metal belt over it makes it impossible for me to reach under and move anything with my pesky hands. 

Getting both toys in my pussy was kind of a tight fit for me, so it slightly displaces the wevibe in the pics, but it did its intended job and I spent most of my time begging NOT to cum.

So many orgasms meant I had lots of my own mess to lick clean before moving on to other slutty tasks. :)

(and sorry about the bruises.. gonna be a week or so before they go away)