Hey you! Do you have a "go to" place for your belts? Or someplace you'd recommend to get...

Q: Hey you! Do you have a "go to" place for your belts? Or someplace you'd recommend to get started? I love that you have so many. How long do you usually wear them at a time? :)

Hello, and thank you for the questions! :)
I get these questions a lot, so I wanted to share my answer with everyone. 

I started with a leather belt from JTstockroom and slowly worked my way up to a metal one over a few years. It was hard to find practical information on metal belts, so it took an extra long time for me to transition from leather to metal, but it was something I was always interested in. 

If you try a leather belt for awhile and find that you’re still curious about a metal one, the next logical step is to buy one of those cheap chinese belts.. I would caution against that. If you’re truly interested in metal chastity, skip buying a cheap metal belt, and invest in a nice one from a good maker. I have yet to meet a chastity belt enthusiast who says, “I started with this cheap metal belt I found on eBay, and I never want anything else!” 

I think the cheapest metal belts are a colossal waste of time and they may even discourage people from getting a good belt because they are so poorly made. There are light years of difference between a cheap metal belt and one thats lovingly made just for you.  

I wear “Fancy Steel" belts and would recommend them to anyone who is curious. The other two belt makers I considered were: Carrara and MySteel, so you may want to check them out as well. I’m sure there are other fabricators out there.. I’m just not aware of them because apparently this female chastity thing is a secret club, lol.

I ended up with a FS belt for several reasons, but the main reasons are:

-Adjustability (Its easy to make tighter or looser depending on what you’re doing, and probably a good belt choice for a Dom that wants to try it on more than one girl)

-It doesn’t require a lining. (The liners eventually come off of 100% of the belts that have them, and its a nightmare when they do.)  

-The unique look. (I like that I can customize with different shields or attachments.)

-The makers actually answer emails and questions. (Sometimes toy makers can be a little flakey or aloof and thats terrifying when making a big purchase.)

As far as the length of time I wear my belts… I don’t have them on for more than a few hours at a time, and I only wear them during play. I know that disappoints the chastity belt purists, but this is how it works for me in real life, lol. 

I think of my belts as any other kinky toy, and just as I wouldn’t wear a leather hood or arm binders for days after a session, and I don’t wear my belt like that either. (same goes for wearing in public)

I think its a misconception that in order to invest in a belt you must be willing to wear it constantly. You can wear it for any period of time that works for you and you’ll have tons of fun and still get your money’s worth. :) 

Here is the link to my toys page for specific info on where I found the leather belt and my current belts…   http://kittydenied.tumblr.com/toys

Good luck, and I hope you get at least a leather belt! …mostly because misery loves company ;)