Hi Kittydenied, Big fan of your blog and I was wondering where your Sir got the modular chastity...

Q: Hi Kittydenied, Big fan of your blog and I was wondering where your Sir got the modular chastity belt from? Would be most interested in acquiring one for my pet too. Thanks in advance. :)

Thank you so much! I get my chastity gear from Fancy Steel. 


I spent a long time researching different belts before I decided to buy from them. I would suggest you look around as well, because chastity belts are a very personal decision, (and none of them are cheap). I can tell you for sure that the fancy steel belts are secure and will work as intended.

The big selling factors for me were the adjustability, and the fact that the lining is not mandatory. The lining of my previous belt was a nightmare, and if it came off, play had to be stopped until it was put back on with tape (and that looks horrible). 

The unique look was also important to me. I wanted something that was different from all the other belts I was used to seeing, and these belts fit my personality well. There are so many ways to customize, and I can easily change out parts depending on how Sir intends to use me for the evening. :) 

Theres also something to be said for great customer service. I think that some of the high-end toy makers can be elusive and difficult to get in contact with (which is terrifying when making a big purchase like this), so it was super important for me to have an open line of communication. The maker was responsive to all 1 million of my questions, and I would encourage you to contact them with your questions as well.    

Heres the link to all the rest of my toys. http://kittydenied.tumblr.com/toys

Sir keeps that list updated because I’m usually too focused on doing slutty things to look up websites, lol. 

I’m constantly getting new toys, so if there’s a toy you’re interested in thats not on there, let me know and I’ll beg Sir to update my list. :)