Q: Hi your blog is amazing i love how you write in detail where most people answer with 3 words. Your vids make me horny and i think you are sexy in bondage.how often do you get punished and have u been with a woman for your sir x

Awwww, thank you! To be honest, I don’t get punished THAT much. Don’t think I’ve ever been punished for “real”…As in, I don’t think I’ve ever made Sir mad or anything. Suppose I would be the first to know if I did, lol. 

Mostly, I’m just punished for enjoying being treated like a slut, failing wet checks, and maybe sneaking in one too many sucks when I’ve been given specific instructions. I’m pretty obedient, but I do like to struggle and refuse things sometimes- but thats just for fun. :)

I’ve always appreciated that any punishment I get is immediate, and appropriate (for example- a few quick face slaps for lingering on his cock too long while sucking). Personally, I don’t do well with punishments that go on for days or punishments that are too complicated. That really changes the tone of the interaction, and I think Sir likes to keep me motivated and happy to serve. A few face slaps and maybe a good spanking, and I very much understand what I did wrong. :)

As far as being with other girls for Sir.. Yes, we have played with girls and it was super fun! I really enjoyed taking turns with a girl sucking his cock, and super enjoyed having my pussy fucked by a girl wearing a dildo gag. That was sooooo hot, omg. Besides that, I had a girlfriend of my own for awhile (she did not play with us together), and that was a lot of fun, too. :)

Thank you for the questions!