Q: hiho, loks like your undergoing some nice, quite intense training. I can't denie that I like this ;) maybe you could tell us a little more about the training, do you have a dom or training yourself, how you feel, what are your thoughts troughout the day, how long are/have you been locked, when was your last orgasm, etc^^ anyway keep going, have nice day and don't touch it ;)

Thank you for the questions :) I agree that the training is quite intense, but its completely appropriate for a girl that gets distracted as easily as I do.

My Sir is in charge of all of my training, and he decides what holes are used, plugged or ignored.

The purpose of the belt is to keep me focused on pleasing cock, and not pleasing myself. I had previously been conditioned to simply love sucking cock, but that eventually lead to me begging to cum or begging to play with a vibrator when I should be focused on the task I was given. The belt takes all those options away, making me much more enthusiastic while serving.

I started with a leather belt, but I was able to figure out ways to cum- which lead to having a plug in my ass and a spike ball in my pussy to hopefully cause just enough pain to stop me from trying to cum. I was still able to occasionally sneak in an orgasm, though.

The metal belt is much more effective at preventing any sensation, so that is my main belt now. I’ve only been able to tolerate being locked in for a few hours at a time. The general rule is that I’m always plugged while belted, so that makes it more difficult.

When I have the metal belt on I definitely feel very controlled and I give up all hope for release until I’ve completed my task to my Sir’s satisfaction. 

Sometimes the keys to my belt are placed in a little combination lockbox and locked to my collar just underline that I’m not getting out until he decides that I can.

My last orgasm was earlier today.. I have a pretty high sex drive, and I can’t remember a day going by where I didn’t sneak in at least a couple.. Hence the need for the belt, lol. The goal is to wear the belt for longer periods of time as decided by my Sir. 

Hope that answers some questions :)

I look forward to documenting more of my journey. 

Thank you for looking!