How do you feel knowing that you are wanking material for random strangers on the internet. Maybe...

Q: How do you feel knowing that you are wanking material for random strangers on the internet. Maybe even people you know. Does the knowledge that everyone can watch your wonderfull orgasm change your view on strangers? Do you sometimes think: "Has this person seen me naked?" when some stranger looks at you in public? And how do you feel in such a situation? Anyway, keep up the nice work you do. I'm a big fan of your blog here and really appreciate the Videos where you talk about the things you do.

This is a great question, so I hope you don’t mind I’m posting it. First of all, thank you for the nice message. I always appreciate compliments.  :)

To answer your questions- I’m not overly worried about random people seeing me naked. Have you seen the rest of the internet? Its pretty much all naked people doing gross things. 

If someone finds my blog its because they have the same interests as me - which means they’re familiar with the idea of bdsm and the activities involved… So, theres really nothing for me to be shy about. 

If someone I know finds me, they will likely be too embarrassed to bring it up, so I’m not worried about that either. 

The bottom line is that everything I do is super fun for me, and I’m truly flattered that anyone would find me interesting enough to masturbate to. I’m very comfortable with my kinks and I like sharing my experiences with others who enjoy the same things.

I also like giving a more realistic view of what a submissive is capable of. (Ie: reasonable plug/dildo sizes, realistic rules for play, sucking depth, and amounts of time in chastity or gagged)  So, I’m hoping this blog is slightly more informative than the average porn blog…. and that somehow justifies all the slutty things I do - It’s educational!! ;)

Thank you for the nice note, and I hope I answered all your questions… and I hope I never run into you in public because that would be super awkward ;)