I dont usually make a big deal about my follower count because...

I dont usually make a big deal about my follower count because this blog is just for fun, but yesterday I noticed I passed 30k followers! Wow! 

So, I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for making this such a fun experience for me. I know the internet can be a pretty cruel place, so I’m eternally grateful for all the love I get from you guys on a daily basis. 

I love reading your messages and comments, and more than once you’ve made me smile when I desperately needed it. I also love seeing which pictures you guys like the most (and it’s always the asshole pics… ugh), and I’ve even had the opportunity to meet some of you in real life (and you’ve seen my asshole pics…ugh), and thats been super fun, too!

I promise I’ll get back to posting my high res slutty pics soon.. Sir has been keeping me pretty busy lately cause he’s mean and bossy, but as soon as he gives me some free time I have sooooo much new gear to show off … including a tantra chair, ballet boots, a leather straight jacket and a Sybian. (Yes, a Sybian!! ..I may or may not be sitting on it right now, hehe)

PS: I’m kittydenied on instagram as well. If I can get a bigger following over there I’ll start taking special pics just for instagram.  ଲ(⁃⃓̗̀̂ˑ⃓̫⁃̠́̂)ଲ