I’ll never forget the special day Sir collard me, and I’ll always cherish my collar as it declares to the world that I’m his devoted slut and he owns me completely.

It’s a beautiful symbol of our commitment, and has only become more meaningful to me over the years as our relationship grows and evolves. 

I feel very lucky to have Sir in my life, and showing off my collar gives me a great sense of pride for all the hard work we’ve both put into my training and making me his perfect slut. 

Obviously, I’m partial to anything he gives me, but after so many years of wearing it I can say for sure that the Talena collar by Asxmar is a great collar, and I would recommend it to anyone. We thought this warranted a review for the Discerning Specialist website, so head on over there for the full article. 

♡♡(っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )♡♡


My review: http://www.discerningspecialist.com/clothing/accessories/62-axsmar-talena-discreet-bdsm-collar

Collar: https://www.axsmar.eu/Stainless-Steel/Talena:::1_9.html?language=en