Q: Just curious what got you into just being a mouth to fuck. I have used chastity belts on females and have the keys to one belt. Also how long is the longest you been locked.

The short answer: I’m ‘just a mouth to fuck’ because that’s what Sir has decided for me. :)

The long answer: Every rule and task has it own backstory and special meaning. Our dynamic has evolved over the years and Sir is exceptional at thinking of new and creative ways to keep me wet and eager to please him. :) 

The longest I’ve been locked? I’m usually only belted for as long as I’m being used/trained because the main goal is for me to be focused on pleasing Sir and not myself.  Occasionally, I may keep the leather belt on and fall asleep- so maybe 5 or 6 hours? 

The metal belt thing is actually pretty new to me so I will have to work my way up to any significant amount of time… and as with everything else- its up to Sir how that goal is accomplished (or if it’s even a goal at all).

Thank you for the questions! :)