Just sharing a few belt pics I found laying around of my FS-100...

Just sharing a few belt pics I found laying around of my FS-100 rigid belt with the combo shield from Fancy Steel. I wear it so much, I think they should sell the FS-100 and the combo shield together and call it “The Kitty Denied package” :p

Anyway… I think I’m gonna be giving my belts some extra love over the next few days cause Sir seems bossy lately..heheh I’m sensing there will be lots of plugs, and begging in my future. He always knows how to remind me of my place and my purpose as his selfless service mouth fuckhole, so I’m probably due for a reminder soon. 


 Here are some links that will answer all the questions you have about this belt:

My super detailed review of this belt: http://www.discerningspecialist.com/bdsm-gear/chastity/59-fancy-steel-fsf-001-female-chastity-belt-review

An article on what makes female chastity interesting to sluts: http://www.discerningspecialist.com/articles/bdsm-101/58-what-makes-female-chastity-interesting-to-you

Fancy Steel Site: https://fancysteel.com.au