Plug training.

Sir always makes sure I have a couple tasks to keep me occupied during the day, otherwise I’ll end up wasting time on my greedy pussy and not thinking about pleasing his cock. 

Today’s training was focused on plug training my ass so I am fully prepared when my belts arrive. I can expect to have my ass plugged most of the time I’m belted.. I will only have my pussy plugged if I earn it. 

Sir knows I’m never going to plug my ass on my own, so he has to supervise me closely and give me tasks to make sure I don’t neglect my other hole.

After spending some time plugged today, I desperately wanted something in my ignored pussy… but, since I have new restrictions on which dildo I can use, I wasn’t able to get any pleasure out of my training at all. It was difficult to get the dildo in, and I immediately regretted my decision to even try it.

In the end, I was unable to cum and was left with a sore pussy and ass… but still quite eager to suck, as always.