Spent the weekend at a fetish event in the woods getting freaky with some lovely pet play enthusiasts. The event centers around a “fox hunt” where all the sexy foxes run and hide in the woods and then a team that consists of a handler, a puppy, and pony work together to hunt down the foxes and drag them back to a meeting point for some negotiated play (if they want). 

There was a dungeon set up in one of the buildings and I had fun dressing up in all my leather and confusing all the subby boys. There was also a “drag shed” full of costumes for dress-up play where I fell in love with that band nerd hat hehehe.  

The highlight for me was getting tied to a shipping container and demo bottoming for my girlfriend who gave a thorough presentation on floggers.

Now I’m back home and recovering from all the fun, and almost time to get back to work on some toy reviews for you guys. I’m currently testing the Kink Power Wand with some attachments.. so keep an eye on the Discerning Specialist site for that!