Kitty denied

I got my first pair of latex panties last week!! :) They have insertable sheaths for my pussy and ass so I can wear them without denying Sir his choice of holes. 

The sheaths do a good job of preventing me from fully enjoying having my pussy fucked, and the fact that they are just plain open holes makes them super objectifying. 

They even look pretty under my newest belt. :)


Normally, I would never wear a chastity belt outside of the house, but my new belt is so comfortable that I would consider it (as if I get to make any of these decisions, lol).  

Out of curiosity I tried on a pair jeans, a pair of yoga pants, and my leather dress to see how it would feel. It definitely feels sexy to have jeans on over the belt, but I doubt I will leave the house like this unless I have no choice. 

Side note- I LOVE that I can use my own locks with this belt… everything is more fun with heart shaped locks :)


I joined up with fellow chastity girl @lockedlali and we decided to get matching belts from Fancy Steel (well, not exactly the same, but the same style). Hers is SUPER sexy, and she has a very hot outfit that matches perfectly. Definitely check her out!  :)

After I got mine, I was ordered to spend the entire night locked up and didn’t die.. I actually enjoyed it a little (don’t tell Sir). I’m thinking there will be longer periods of chastity in my future. Ugh. ;)

I will post more pics and brag about how awesome my new belt is very soon.