Kitty denied

After chatting with my favorite chastity girl lockedlali, I was inspired to try on my old leather chastity belt. :) 

I added the leather plug harness over the top to make it a little more pretty, and ended up loving how the the double layer of locks look (and feel). 

The extra layer of tight leather makes it even harder to reach under the belt, and should make it impossible to cum even if allowed to try with the hitachi. 

Sir finds it amusing to watch me struggle with a vibrator and fail, so I’m sure I’ll be in this outfit again soon so he can inspect it, and test it’s effectiveness. :)


My new locking heel cuffs were overshadowed by the arrival of my gloves last night … So, I wanted to post a couple pics that show the cuffs a little better. 

I can use them on any heels, and they lock tight to prevent me from thinking I can take my shoes off whenever I want. Thats not the kind of thing a service kitty gets to decide. :)