Kitty denied

Just got some new kitty ears from Noxhyde! So, this was a perfect excuse to get fancy and take some pics for Sir. :)

He always notices all the little details of my outfits, so I’m extra happy that they match my hair so nicely. I wasn’t sure if they would end up being too dark or not..

I think I have 6 or 7 pairs of ears from this shop, and I just can’t get enough! Noxhyde does custom orders too, so I’m hoping to have some bunny ears made at some point. :)


I’m currently working on a pony girl uniform. :) 

Since you can’t be a pony girl without a tail, Sir helped me find a fancy pony plug that stays turned up. Its pretty big for me so I had to spend some time ramping up, but once I was able to get it in, it stayed up as advertised and looks way better than the traditional pony plugs. The tail is kept in place by a little metal piece that rests between the cheeks to stop it from twisting downward.

Sir likes that its impossible for me to ignore, and of course he always likes watching sluts wagging tails and crawling around on the floor begging for cock. :) My only complaint (besides the size) is that it’s incredibly heavy. Much more heavy than my other metal plugs. Yikes. 

My pony uniform isn’t quite complete yet. I have a body harness, head harness and some pony boots ordered, but I had to test the tail to make sure it works ;)


I’m finally back home and settled after a couple crazy weeks of travel and fun. I enjoyed my lazy time with no tasks, but I’m always happy to get back to being slutty and entertaining for Sir. :)

I had a relatively simple task for last night… to spend some time belted and plugged with the keys in the kitchen safe. Sir didn’t specify a uniform so I got creative and dressed in my version of a playboy bunny outfit. 

Dressing up definitely makes the time go by faster and it never hurts to make sure Sir is pleased with the results of my assignment.. Especially since I’ve been so sassy and lazy lately. :)