Kitty denied

I got creative with my hitachi and added the shock collar to it.. This is in anticipation of a chastity belt/shock collar combo from Fancy Steel that I should be getting soon. :) I figured I should at least know what it feels like to have my pussy shocked.. (and its not that bad as long as I can control the buttons, hehe) 

You can totally tell this was my own idea because Sir would have skipped the vibrator part and just used the shock collar. He’s very mean. ;)


It’s been awhile since I played with my muzzle..

I love that it’s so restrictive, but still comfortable. I also love the pink accents, and the fact that I can wear my kitty ears under it.. That makes everything more fun. 

Sir likes that he doesn’t have to listen to any complaining while I’m wearing it and if I’m enjoying myself too much, my wet panties can be shoved in my mouth before it’s locked on. 

He never lets me forget that life isn’t fair for sluts. :) 


Haven’t played with my muzzle in awhile, so I got dressed up and took a few pics for Sir.. :)

Side note- I think this is a great outfit to wear while waiting in storage for Sir to use me again..

-The muzzle to stop any whining or begging, and to remind me that I’m useless without a hole to fuck..  

-The heavy chain and collar to lock me up out of the way until needed again, and to remind me that I don’t get to decide when I can leave.

-The chastity belt and thigh bands to prevent any unauthorized cumming. Having a denied pussy always makes me very eager to get cock in my mouth as soon as the muzzle is removed. :)


Tonight’s assignment from Sir was to come up with a very specific uniform that I should be required to wear in order to be used as an ass fuckhole (meaning he has decided that’s my intended use for the day).  I also had to give a rationale for each item, and why it’s useful to him- or why I like it.  

Obviously, Sir will make the final decision of what I wear, but he likes to know what I would choose if given a choice.. and I like having the illusion that I’m helping make decisions sometimes ;)

So I put together an outfit, and sent him my proposed “ass fuckhole uniform”  (..that I hope I never have to wear…)


Ass Fuckhole Uniform Suggestions (sent for Sir’s review):

Hair in pig tails to accommodate the muzzle, and if not wearing a lot of makeup- should at least have mascara on. If I’m going to complain or cry I may as well have runny mascara so I look hot. :)

Start with wearing panties for awhile before getting dressed and maybe sucking cock or doing something thats guaranteed to make me super wet immediately (like promising a wet check later). 

Then the dirty panties get stuffed in my mouth with the wet side in full contact with my tongue. I will have to taste my pussy, so I’m reminded how slutty I am.. That way, I will have no questions as to why I’m being used as an ass fuckhole.

Muzzle: Since my mouth is of no use to you at this time, the muzzle goes on tight. This is helpful for you because it limits the amount of complaining, and begging you will have to listen to. 

Plus, having the muzzle on will take away any hope I have of having my mouth fucked instead (which is what I would prefer over an ass fucking). I’m sure you would enjoy the sad muffled noises I make while being teased with your cock in my face, and the even sadder noises I make when it goes in my ass.

Then more stuff to make myself pretty for you to look at:
Leather garter
Locking heel cuffs

All of these things are intended to make me as visually pleasing as possible for you. This way you will be inspired to use me often and take full advantage of the hole you want to use. 

The corset specifically, keeps me feeling very restricted, and makes anything in my pussy or ass feel that much bigger and more uncomfortable. Also, I like the conflicting feelings of looking/feeling pretty in a corset, but being used like a slut. :)

Pussy plug:
Might be fun to be given the option to choose between no plug and the bound cock. (I was way too sore to try to put it in again for taking pics - I was forced to use it a couple times earlier today) 

Having my pussy stuffed would make my ass even tighter to fuck, and the bound cock would ensure that I get no pleasure from having my pussy filled. 

I would eventually regret my greedy choice to have my pussy plugged with a painful dildo, and if I chose to not have a plug, I would regret that decision after a couple ass fuckings. Either way, the muzzle would prevent me from complaining about it. 

Anal plug: I should have the big black plug in- or I suppose technically I should have spent my free time during the day working up in plug sizes until able to take my favorite dildo. 

You shouldn’t have to be bothered with worrying about injuring me with a rough ass fucking. A good fuckhole would be fully prepared to accept your cock. :)

 Plus, all the ass prep can provide you with entertainment while I’m working up in plug sizes by telling you what it feels like and why I think sluts deserve this treatment. Wet checks can confirm my slut status. (If I’m wet- that means I deserve it)

Metal belt with rear opening:
This is to keep my pussy denied of any pleasure and takes away any hope I have for getting attention to that hole. The shield itself works well to collect pussy juice and eventually leaks messes for me to acknowledge and clean up. 

The rear opening displays my hole for your evaluation and provides you with easy access for use. Its also humiliating and makes me feel super exposed and slutty. It makes me really crave having my mouth fucked instead.

Thigh bands:
Because they’re pretty and make it hard to walk..Anything that makes it hard to move is super hot. Plus, having the connector between the bands reminds me I have no reason to spread my legs because you have no use for my pussy when my ass is so easily available.

Long leather gloves:
Cause they go with any outfit, and look super hot. :)

Wrist cuffs:
I should already have my hands locked to the belt. Hands aren’t needed to be an ass fuckhole, and would only get in the way. I also think it will be entertaining for you to watch me struggle and get frustrated while trying reach my undeserving pussy when back in my cage.

..After that, I’m pretty sure I would be ready to have my ass fucked. :)