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I got a fun new gag. :)Its the perfect size for fucking another...

I got a fun new gag. :)

Its the perfect size for fucking another girls pussy and there’s no panel to prevent me from getting a lovely mess on my face. 

Then after I have properly pleased a deserving pussy the gag can be turned around and stored in my mouth as a reward for all of my hard work. :)

When the penis side in my mouth it causes a massive amount of drool. Even more drool than the spider gag, so if that’s your thing- this is perfect. It also makes me gag a lot and could be a little panic inducing if not put on slowly. 

I love that its made of silicone, and doesn’t destroy the corners of my mouth like other ball gags. I think I could wear it for a long time without complaining too much. 

I’m looking forward to trying it out while Sir is bossing me around. I’m sure he can assign me a pussy to please. :)


You can find the gag here

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