Q: Thanks for answering my earlier questions. I really find you interesting. I know someone a little bit like you - she is in her early 30s, holds down a professional job, is outwardly a dominant, strong personality. Yet, she secretly craves to be submissive, exploited, controlled.... I guess this is like you. I'd be interested in why you think you 'enjoy' this kind of thing (if enjoy is even the right word). Yes, you get a sexual kick out of it, but why, I wonder?

I wish I had a simple answer for that. For me its a much deeper need than just wanting to give up control for awhile. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it and I can’t explain where this comes from other than just being hard wired this way.

I think people naturally try to come up with an explanation for these desires because its not the “norm” and we figure something must be wrong… and maybe something IS wrong, lol … But even if I could sort out those details, it doesn’t change the fact that for me, a romantic evening involves having an open mouth gag forced in my mouth, my face being slapped, and my mouth spit in just before having that hole fucked until my eyes are watering. :)

So I try to think less, and enjoy myself more. 

Great question. Thank you :)