Q: What is your favourite type of gag to wear?

Thats difficult to answer because I like all my gags. :)

I would have to say that my 2 favorite gags are the penis gag, and Sir’s special open mouth gag. Both go nicely with the theme of my training to be an optimized mouth fuckhole.

The penis gag allows me to be put in storage when Sir has no use for me, but ensures my mouth is never without cock. I’m able to suck on it as I wait, and all the sucking keeps me nice and wet and eager to serve.

The open mouth gag is great because it keeps my mouth open and available for Sir’s cock, or anything he wishes to put in there. I love it when he spits in the open hole then slaps my face so I don’t forget what I’m good for.

Thank you for the question. :)