We’re so excited to announce our upcoming visit to the US in August!  We’ll be exhibiting at Fetish con, so make sure you stop by and see us at stand (X) if you’re attending.

If you can’t make Fetish con this year we will also be heading to LA, Montreal and New York - dates below.

2nd August - 5th August LA

7th August - 8th August New York 

10th August - 12th August St. Petersburg (Fetcon)

13th August - 14th August San Francisco 

20th August Signapore 

15th September Melbourne OZ kink Fetish expo 

If you’re hoping to make a private appointment to talk design and take measurements, email us to arrange:  Hopefully see you all soon!

New Toys:

We’ve had a lot of interest in our new ‘Advanced’ belt since our recent instagram post check it out here: ( We’re still working hard to finalise some of the detail on the product but beginning to take enquiries for pre-arrival orders now with availability expected late September. 

The standard belt will include a smart lock activated by either wifi or a fingerprint, and we’re currently developing a custom modification that enables you to control the belt lock with your smart phone. We hope everyone is as excited about it as we are - if you’ve got any enquires or would like to get yourself on the pre-arrival list then send us an email:

Fabrication Update:

Hey everyone - we wanted to write a quick note and thank you all for your continued support of Fancy Steel - we’re currently working hard on all orders, with a lead time of  about 10-12 weeks.  As you all know, with the custom design and bespoke finishings, the work involved in fabrication process is extensive.  We appreciate your patience as we know how keen you are all to get your belts and other Fancy Steel goods delivered.

We place orders in the queue for fabrication as soon as we receive them and we can assure you that between us we pushing forward with them so that we can get them shipped out to you as soon as possible.

When your order is shipped you’ll receive a tracking number so you’re aware of expected delivery date, and from there your items will be with you in no time!


Thanks again for your support - we’re excited to be able to continue sharing our products with you!

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