Mens Slim fit chastity belt review

Mens Slim fit chastity belt review

Initial Review of #FS2093

 My wife and I have been working at the chastity lifestyle for quite some time now looking for the "holy grail" and have tried many different potential solutions from the plastic CBxx series cages, a steel Lori (longest stint 75 days in) and a cheaper steel tube with a urethral insert and even a 3-d printed Evotion, to a full Neosteel, a full Reinholds composite and now a full Fancy Steel belt. I give a brief history as it will help explain why the Fancy Steel belt is so good.

 The various efforts at cages all resulted in NO real security (I could pull out of each one) until I got a 8g pa piercing (to be used with the Lori and the Evotion) and basically all resulted in sore nightly erections as the cage is pushed outwards, and a large bulge in your pants with continual adjustment being required. In any case in each cage scenario it was possible to have ejaculations (not very pleasant though) and only if a wand vibrator was applied. You need to have been caged for a fair amount of time and the application of the wand takes quite some time to result in the partial climax. The end result is still that yes it is easier to do exercise wearing them and air-travel is possible with the non-steel ones, but if you try to get a climax while caged it is possible even with a pa piercing!

The full belts however while giving you the impression of more security, do restrict your movements and until the advent of the string through the crack rear, are not very comfortable to wear long term. The Neosteel was very uncomfortable and the Reinholds while being more comfortable and able to be worn through “metal” security had a solid rear with a hole for defecating. I wore this quite a while and it eventually started to damage my clothes through constant wear. In both cases it was possible even though difficult to pull out my penis and jack off. So as far as security is concerned they were also no good.


Yes, many people say if you are belted its partly your responsibility to not to try to escape. I say rubbish, if you can escape and jack off what’s the point in being belted at all – use the honour system!


To that end when I ordered from Jay there were a few basic non-negotiables. 1. When I put it on there must be NO escape and NO stimulation possible when belted and 2. It needs to be as practical and as comfortable as possible to wear for long periods of time – even though I guess no steel underwear is practical!!!


I therefore ordered a slim-fit male CB with a small chastity cup, smaller wire locking system up front and most importantly an extra pa pin locking mechanism. This means it should have been unobtrusive to wear, secure and possible to use for extended periods. 


Quite a few emails and diagrams went backwards and forwards with Jay and I and eventually we agreed on a final plan. He put the belt into production. There was some delay in getting it to me but when it arrived I was pleased with the outcome.


After numerous adjustments and wearing trials and replacing the normal Allen-key pa screw with a “unique hex” screw, it was time to test it out properly. On it went and I am currently in it for the 14th  day straight so far with no actual hope or need to be let out any time soon.


When it’s on and the pa pin is locked in, my penis cannot be pulled out under any circumstances. That means the belt does not have to be too tight to be secure and so is relatively comfortable. As I can move it around quite a bit for cleaning, hygiene seems to be up to scratch as well and 14 days in, I seem to still be acceptably clean. 


Going for a pee is ok but does take some getting used to – you cannot stand as you can with some cages and you have to pull it slightly away from your groin for the flow to run smoothly. I find that if you leave your ball bag “in the cup” your penis is squashed in the tube and a small amount of mess happens and requires a bit of clean-up and more time is needed in the stall, but if you take your “bag” out and pee and then put the scrotum back into the cup, there is no mess! Defecation is easy – just pull the string between you buttocks slightly sideways and its done. 


I have also tried to use a wand on the chastity cup – NO way you will get off with this belt on! You cannot stimulate your penis in any way and trying to “hump” just causes it to swell slightly and then it does not move anymore.


Sleeping is also no problem and any potential night time erection is stopped dead in its tracks.


I also find that pulling the waistbands up a bit to get the cup tighter up into your crotch area is more comfortable as its stops movement, chafing and pinching and while seated it does not trap or squash anything as its all tucked neatly away under the cup. Some additional rubber padding was added to the string at the bottom of the crotch to avoid pinching and right at the back T-piece so that lying down or sitting was “softer” on my back. With the "wire rear" sitting at my desk or in the car for even hours is not uncomfortable at all. The rear wire  just “wedges” up your crack and its out the way.


The only thing I won’t be able to do with this belt on is go through metal detectors – so the Evotion may still be needed for the flights I sometimes need to take. Come on Jay do a composite belt like mine and then that problem is gone as well!!

 So has this belt met my demands;

It is usable long term, it is as comfortable as a steel full belt can be, It is COMPLETELY secure – you not getting off without the keys – and cleanliness seems more than adequate. 

How long can it be worn in a stretch – I don’t know yet that’s up to my key-holder as I don’t have much option right now, but two weeks in I see no reason this cannot be worn for much longer periods if not indefinitely. I will do another report on long term wear when I can comment on it better.

So all of you out there trying for a “year” stint – sign up for the next #FS2093+

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