Q: I heard your confession and I applaud you and your honesty. I can understand why you don't want to be able to shimmy out of the device but the question is, would you? Would you have even tried if someone hadn't mentioned it? I think not. I worry about the "adjustment" being too much and injuring you in a very delicate spot! Be careful and be safe!! If your tempted to "shimmy" then don't. You only cheat yourself!! Best Wishes!!!

This has got to be the sweetest message anyone has sent me on here! And you ARE right! I wouldn’t have tried to shimmy out of it if the idea hadn’t been mentioned. But, here’s a few reasons why I am comfortable with some adjustments being made.

@rossrose87~~~ and I only use chastity to enhance our long distance relationship/friendship. It is always used in a safe and fun way for both of us. Because we are so far away from each other, it really does boil down to not cheating ourselves out of the connection and trust that we share together. Whether I’m in chastity or not.

Another reason why some adjustments need to be made is that I have lost weight since I had my belt made. It is not as tight as it used to be.

And most importantly my sweet hubby, @cbpetey69 is always protecting his Bella Girl. I trust him more than anyone and I know whatever adjustments he makes to my belt will be safe and comfortable.

Thank you so much @iamlockedandlovingit for your thoughtful message. It has really brightened my morning!