New movies coming march 2021
We are back to Season 4, featuring 6 brand new movies. I had this idea of creating a female robot/guard for Chastity Prison, which morphed into the sci-fi transformation that you see in Part 3, giving more of a futuristic vibe to the Chastity Prison universe. Cobie returned in a slightly different capacity this time, giving us the robotic make-up look. Many of the stories are intertwined, with Bunny featuring quite heavily as we explore her storyline in Chastity Prison. When we shot the 24-Hour Prison Challenge, we did a lot of work with Nikki, and this series features a bonus video of Nikki from 'The Delivery'. We received a lot of fan mail from people who really wanted to continue to see this universe develop. This is the last time we shot at this location, as our prison set was then dismantled and moved to a new location. While the Chastity Prison universe continues to be as popular as it is, we will continue to explore it, and try to bring you some of the 
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