So I’ve been putting this off, but I’m finally ready to explain some things.

My relationship with my daddy had to end a few weeks ago. I’ve been having a really hard time coping with the loss of someone that I cared for deeply and talked to everyday being suddenly gone. On top of the relationship ending, I lost the one who held the key to my chastity belt.

So, I know a lot of you want to see my chastity journey that is also intertwined with the other sexy things that I enjoy. But for right now I’m not forcing myself to do anything that I’m not 100% into.

Thank you all for your daily support and caring about me. We have all built a little community around our kinks and the relationships that I have with you are so fullfilling to me!

I still have lots of sexy things going on in my life and you know I love sharing it with you all! I’m not going anywhere either. I love my diary and I’ll keep writing in it!

I love my tumblr family!

xoxoxo- Bella Girl