Check out the new Discerning Specialist choke...

Check out the new Discerning Specialist choke collar!!!

It’s no secret that subs like to be choked, and I’m no exception.  I very much love that helpless feeling I get when I’m put in my place with a nice tight squeeze around my neck, and some bossy dirty talk that reminds me what I’m good for. 

It makes my whole body tense up and I might even try to squirm and get away from Sir’s powerful grip, but I know my only real choice is to submit because there’s no question who’s in charge…

I just got this new choke collar from the Discerning Specialist so I thought I would take some time to talk about it because I know its going to be a big hit!

In some of my older posts you might see that I already have a choke collar from Mr. S Leather, but it doesn’t get a lot of use these days. Its not because I suddenly decided that I don’t want to be choked anymore, its because the design of that collar doesn’t seem to work how I envisioned so it ends up at the bottom of my toy pile come play time (and I have a pretty big toy pile to get through heheh).

I really love the idea of a choke collar, but I couldn’t put my finger on the exact reason why I fell out of love with the Mr. S collar so I did some testing and thinking about it and this is what I came up with-

As with a lot of BDSM gear in general, the Mr. S choke collar is sized for big boys .. this means that even on the tightest setting its not actually tight around my neck when its relaxed so theres a lot of slack just dangling there. Not only is that unsightly, but the more slack there is to manage means more friction during  pulling which increases the chance of pinching. (and it definitely pinches) The extra slack also means the placement of the collar would shift making the choke point different than intended (windpipe vs arterial).

This would be an easy fix (just add some holes and make it smaller), but that collar had another fatal flaw- there’s an extra strip of leather on the inside covering the point where the pieces come together. Common sense would make you think that a little strip of leather would prevent pinching, but the exact opposite is true… So, while I still love the concept of a choke collar, the Mr S version didn’t really do it for me.  

Thankfully, the Discerning Specialist is looking out for all the sluts of the world that need choking and he came up with a design that solves all the problems I just described to making it easier for me to incorporate the choke collar into our play. 

There are so many things I love about this collar I don’t know where to start!

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful gold hardware that he so carefully chooses for me since I’m super spoiled, heheh. He always chooses great hardware thats thick/heavy, and but still looks pretty on smaller girl necks.

The second thing I noticed was that the fit is absolutely perfect  (which makes sense because all Discerning Specialist Gear is custom made to your measurements). It lays nicely, and it feels like a regular collar when its relaxed. 

This is important for a lot of subs during play as the sensation of a collar makes them feel more submissive and puts them in the right state of mind for serving. I enjoy wearing my bondage gear even when I’m not playing so this means that I can wear it like I would a normal collar and it hugs my neck without a bunch of slack dangling down. Most importantly, like I said above, the tighter fit means the collar is much more comfortable during use, and does not pinch. But dont get me wrong- there are lots of extra holes in the strap to make it looser if you like the dangling look, i just prefer mine to be a little more snug.

Moving on to the the width of the collar - it gives a good amount of surface area resulting in coverage that feels similar to having Sir’s hand around my throat. Several pairs of wet panties prove its working heheh. The amount of pressure/pulling needed to get results is minimal, but that depends on how tight the collar is to begin with and your desired correction level.  

Wearing the collar with the D-rings in front (and having it pulled from the front) puts most of the pressure on the sides of my neck when its pulled.. and provides a lovely arterial choke. The roller on the D-ring makes it slide smoothly when tightening, and then expands immediately when pressure is released.

As you can see, I modded it slightly by adding one of my big bull rings… I love the look, but it also functions as a nice little handle for Sir to grab if a leash isn’t handy… but I would definitely recommend getting a DSG short leash too!

I included a couple pics with the DSG short leash in this pic set so you can see how pretty it looks… And in anticipation of someone asking “can’t you just take the collar off?” I also included a pic of an easy way to make any collar a lockable collar.. 

This question seems to come up a lot with my gear because most of my collars do not have locking buckles. Locking brass buckles in brass are hard to find, so I opt for looking pretty and agree to be obedient and not take the collar off when Sir puts it on me. Not to mention, theres like zero chance I’d ever want to face the hellfire that would rain down on me if I got sassy enough to take my collar off during play. That being said, since all DSG orders are custom, and I’m sure you can order yours with a locking buckle if your sub is an escape artist.

So, to sum it up- this collar is a win!  It fits well, feels awesome, and functions better than I imagined it would… Not to mention, the price is great, for something thats totally custom. 

 I’m looking forward to doing a LOT more testing and I will definitely get back to you guys if somehow my opinion changes, but at this point I would say this is a must have for Doms. Just think- you no longer have t worry about giving yourself carpal tunnel syndrome from manually choking all the sluts! This is much easier!  

As a disclaimer - I feel like I need to say that you should be exceedingly careful with this type of collar because any kind of breath play has some risk involved. You need to understand the mechanics of it ( type of choking: blood vs air), and know what to do if something goes wrong. 

It doesn’t take much pressure or pulling to get the job done, and this collar should only be used for quick corrections so its highly unlikely you will ever get close to anything bad happening unless you’re being a maniac.

.. But if you decide to be a maniac, just remember that you can’t  un-break someones cricoid cartilage/hyoid bone… and I’ve seen enough “Forensics Files” on TV to know the autopsy guy finds that shit right away! So be prepared for a lot of questions, lol.

Get yourself a DSG choke collar here:

Thank you Discerning Specialist for spoiling me!!! (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ℒℴѵℯ