Every pony needs a good gag… And Fancy Steel makes a great one!...

Every pony needs a good gag… And Fancy Steel makes a great one

(Full review and additional pictures on: http://www.discerningspecialist.com)

I wouldn’t use it for rough play because its metal, and I have some personal fears about putting metal in my mouth.. About a year ago I had a terrible incident where a bunch of my teeth got chipped using a gag with some metal parts (not this gag, and it wasn’t Sir that did it). Several thousand dollars and a year later I’m still wearing invisalign braces to correct it …sigh.. but I will have perfect teeth when I’m done. So, needless to say I’m suuuuuuper careful about what goes in my mouth, and who’s putting it in there.  I’m happy to leave those decisions to Sir. 

All fears aside, I love this gag! It fits my face about as nicely as a bit gag possibly could, and detail on the side is perfect for a pretty show pony. All the moving parts make it hug the face and cheeks nice and tight, and I think it’s way more pretty than the regular bit gags that are flat and just go across the mouth. The moving parts help make it possible to push the gag in further behind the front teeth so its fairly comfortable to close your mouth and there’s less contact with the teeth if you are careful. These are important details for a show pony ;)

The tongue depresser part makes this more of an advance gag because it goes in pretty deep- about 2 inches. You could probably request a shorter length, but I don’t know for sure. I think 1.5 inches would be a better for me, but it really depends on the person. Either way, it’s impossible to talk or do anything but drool uncontrollably, so the serious gag fetishists will love it.

I love that it’s nice and heavy and feels like real horse tack. The leather on the strap is thick and there are lots of holes close together so you can get a perfect fit on any pony. 

So to sum it up, I think this gag is better for a more advanced user that knows how metal and mouths work together. The wearer should expect some gag reflex training, as well as buckets of drool and shame, lol. Its beautiful to look at, but definitely don’t hook up reigns to it and jerk your pony around ..that would look super hot though, omg. The quality is in line with all Fancy Steel gear, and I doubt any pony play enthusiast would walk away from this gag disappointed. 

I can’t wait to go to my next pony play event and show it off. I’ll be best in show for sure. :p