For a submissive, a collar is more than just a piece of gear....

For a submissive, a collar is more than just a piece of gear. It’s a powerful symbol that inspires feelings of ownership, devotion, safety and most importantly - submission. 

The ritual of putting a collar on for play can put me in the right mindset to be useful or can make me feel loved and cared for if I’m needing extra pets and can’t get them right that second. When I’m not with Sir the collar feels like an extension of his ownership and helps me remember my purpose and place.

The collar I’m showing off in this picture set is one of my favorites. I wear this collar for play, but I also wear it around the house (just because I feel like it), and even to bed sometimes. I crave the feeling that it gives me, and I love showing it off to Sir and letting him know how proud I am to be his perfectly trained slut.

I love that the D-ring has a screw so I can change out the O-rings depending on whatever look I’m going for, and Sir likes that the large bull rings are a nice handle to boss me around with. Not to mention the unique look of the largest bull ring gets me lots of compliments at whatever event I’m wearing it to.

It’s wide enough to be comfortable for rough play, which gives it a nice tough/ bondage-y look but doesn’t feel like a posture collar. 

The inside is padded, and the straps are secured with velcro so I can get a really consistent snug fit, and it doesn’t shift around when Sir is using the bull ring to correct sucking depth, heheh.

These collars are finally for sale from the Discerning Specialist so check them out!

Bonus pics, and read more about these perfectly designed collars here.