I’ve been laying low this week while recovering from some rough...

I’ve been laying low this week while recovering from some rough play. :)

Even when I’m taking a break from my more complicated tasks, I’m still constantly driven to think of things I can do to please Sir.

I know that he likes it when I write out what I’m thinking about when I sneak off and play with my pussy, so I do that for him as often as I can. It shows him that I understand my purpose, my place, and that I truly crave being treated a certain way. :)

He’s been telling me for awhile to share my ‘slut reports’ that I write out for him- so here is my most recent one… Its about playing with a shock collar and my idea of a perfect training day for a fuckhole. :)

I start off in a cage resting on my hello kitty blanket. :)

My hands are chained to one side of the cage and ankles chained to the opposite side. This way I can rest laying down and you don’t have to worry about me trying to touch my pussy when you’re busy with more important things. This also makes it easy for you to reach in for a wet check, or to plug a hole without my pesky hands getting in the way.

You decide you want to look at a cute kitty today, so you put my ears on me, and take a second to plug my ass with the long tail. When I whine and try to wiggle away, you reach through the bars with your other hand, grab a fistful of my hair, and push my face into the floor of the cage to help me remember my place.

I make sad little noises because I know its useless to struggle and reluctantly position myself to make it easier for you to finish pushing the plug in. Then you pet my tail and say things like, “Awww.. life is so unfair for a fuckhole..Never getting to decide what holes are used, plugged or ignored… And nobody caring what the fuckhole wants or if it ever cums..“

Then I’m taken out of the cage on a leash (obviously kitties are never allowed to roam free in the house). I know better than to stand up, so I eagerly crawl wherever you lead me, and after being in the cage for such a long time, I’m grateful to be taken for a walk.

Seeing the crop in your hand encourages me to wag my tail and be as sexy as possible while crawling. You lead me to my various sucking stations around the house and give me instructions. This is a good warm up for how I will be treated for the rest of the day.

You use the crop to correct any sucking mistakes, and if that doesn’t seem to be working, then then a couple seconds of my face pushed into the floor by your boot straightens me up.. Plus, you like the way I struggle and wag my tail as try to get away from your boot.

After my walk and sucking warm up, you lift my tail for a wet check and determine that I’m only thinking about my own greedy pussy.  I’m WAY too wet to be completely focused on pleasing your cock - which is totally unacceptable.

This will require further testing and investigation, so you take me back to your chair, and sit down with me kneeling in front of you.

Unable to stop myself, I immediately get closer and nuzzle my face in your crotch. I beg directly into your cock to “pleeeeease let me suck”. 

You let me go on like this for awhile, the you push me away so I can watch you take your cock out and put the condom on. While I’m watching, you make me explain why I don’t get bare cock. I say, “because I don’t deserve it..” but thats not descriptive enough so I get my face slapped and asked again-  why I don’t deserve bare cock.

“I dont deserve bare cock because I enjoy it too much, Sir. If I’m enjoying it, then I’m not fully focused on pleasing your cock.’

You ask me what I am, and what’s my purpose? “I’m a mouth fuckhole, Sir. I exist here only to please you.”

Those are good enough answers, so I get a little pet. Then you ask what a good name for a mouth fuckhole would be? Since I can’t think of a name fast enough, you declare that just calling me ‘fuckhole’ from now on is good enough.

Then you sit back and let me squirm for a couple seconds knowing that I can’t stop myself from eventually sneaking my face back near your cock.

As I start to crawl over you lay the shock collar across your lap. This forces me to choose between no shock collar(but then I don’t get to suck), Or I get to suck, but you’re going to lock the collar on as soon as my mouth is on your cock.

Really, its all just an illusion because I’m getting the shock collar put on me, then getting my mouth fucked no matter what I choose. Its very clear by now that you always get what you want, and my only real decision is if I’m going to struggle or not.

You give me these choices because it’s entertaining for you to see what I’m willing to agree to just to have a tiny bit of my slutty needs met. This also saves you the energy of having to explain to me later why I have the shock collar on. This is how sluts are treated, and because my drive to suck and be slutty is so strong theres never any question if i deserve the treatment I’m getting or not.

Since I’m so desperate to suck, this seems like a fair trade- sucking in exchange for a shock collar- So, I accept my situation and I eagerly get to work with my mouth, moaning, licking and making desperate noises because I hate the way the condom tastes, but I need your cock so intensely.

This is when you begin some more advanced sucking training with the focus being on me following commands exactly as given. You shouldn’t have to loom over me making sure I’m not getting greedy with the number of sucks I’m allowed. You should be able to sit back and relax, knowing I will follow orders exactly as given.

You use the beep on the collar for warnings and always pull me off your cock my by hair before giving an actual shock. I still need more training and testing to determine if the shocks cause me to bite down or flinch too much when I have cock in my mouth. Doesn’t matter if it hurts me, but its super important if it effects my performance.

The instructions you give are simple, but I always seem to forget something or make mistakes, which earns me several corrections right away.. Even when I’m following orders exactly as given, you might pull me off and give a shock just to see me look surprised, and make sure I don’t think you’re going to treat me fairly.

The whole time I’m sucking, I try to comfort myself by petting my tail (which is endlessly cute to you), but all I’m really accomplishing is pulling on the plug and making myself more aware of my plugged ass and empty/ignored pussy. All I can do is focus on sucking and endure being used.

It turns out, the shock collar training is a good test to see how much a fuckhole needs before she starts crying, begging and struggling. (which isn’t much for me) I’m already struggling and getting frustrated and crying before you’re even close to cumming and you find that a little irritating because it makes me a far less useful hole.

You’ll have to stop and add more gear to make sure your cock is pleased properly.

The open mouth gag goes on, and this serves a couple purposes.. my crying and whining won’t disrupt your enjoyment of my mouth, and you can also deliver correcting shocks with your cock in my mouth and not worry about biting or jerking.

Then arm binders are added to keep my hands where they belong.

You let me get used to the gag with a few practice sucks and then start critiquing my performance… drooling, depth and lazy tongue use are the main correction points and earn me several more shocks. The crying continues, but you’re very pleased that I’m still working very hard to please you.  You also like that you can effectively muffle my yelps from shocks with your cock. This inadvertently trains me to flinch a little when your cock goes deep because I’m expecting a shock..

When you decide you’re ready to cum, you unlock my hands and give me my little bowl to hold under my mouth to catch the cum that drips from the open mouth gag. You give the usual warnings about spillage, and comment that I need a cute bowl with the word “fuckhole” written on it because thats my new name.

You finally take the condom off. Turning it inside out you make me stick out my tongue as best I can, and you make sure all the pre-cum is accounted for and in my mouth where it belongs. When clean, I get a couple shocks for not saying thank you, and one more for enjoying the pre-cum in my mouth.

Then I finally get bare cock in my open mouth fuckhole and every second is like heave to me. You can tell I’m really really loving it, and as you’re cumming in my mouth you give me a few more shocks to make sure I don’t associate bare cock and cum with anything but selfless service.

All the cum is collected in my bowl, and set aside per your house rules for later cleanup when cold.

A final wet check shows that I’m a complete mess. This results in the penis gag being shoved in my pussy and given several little unsatisfying pumps to be sure its completely covered in my own pussy juice.

Then open mouth gag is removed and replaced with the penis gag before I can swallow any cum left over in my mouth. You ask me how everything tastes, and I try to answer through the gag but you just laugh.

I’m lead back to storage, and since you are overall pleased with the progress of my training, you inform me that I can have a pussy plug while I wait to be needed again.

To be sure that I never fully enjoy my ‘rewards’ you make sure I’m as uncomfortable as possible. You position me in my cage with my head out of the hole in the front so I’m forced to stay on my hands and knees. Having my head secured like this saves you a step if you just want a quick hole to fuck. All you have to do is take out my gag,  fuck my mouth, then put the gag back.

The bound cock (my most painful dildo) is on the end of a stick. You lift my tail and unceremoniously shove the cock in my pussy making sure I know you don’t care that it hurts. You push it in far enough that there’s no way I could wiggle out or get away from it.  My pussy is impaled, and I’m completely helpless with my head sticking out of the cage.

You walk around the cage commenting that now all my holes are filled and you ask me if I’m grateful for my pussy plug?

I try to talk but of course you can’t understand me, so you tell me to wag my tail if I’m a happy fuckhole. I try, but theres no way I can do it with the bound cock in so deep. All my attempts to wag don’t work and I’m just fucking myself on the painful dildo and getting frustrated. ( and of course the crying continues)

Since I still have my shock collar on (that won’t be coming off until you release me to go back home) you give a couple shocks because I clearly don’t appreciate your kindness in allowing me to have something in my pussy.

You tell me to continue practice wagging and then you go find better things to do.

All I can do is accept my situation and try to appreciate your kindness for filling my holes like a slut deserves. :)