I’ve been pretty lazy about posting pics this week, but I assure you I’m always doing something slutty.. :)

This was a set of pics I took for Sir while fucking up a plug task he had given me to do. Was supposed to play with my small plug then a larger one but I managed to skip the part where I put on my chastity belt to stop myself from playing with my greedy pussy… So, shortly after putting in my smallest plug I ended up sneaking in a cum and losing interest in my assignment.. sigh. Without direct supervision I’m not the most reliable slut.

After that, I got distracted because I wanted to try on a new slutty dress and that lead to a couple hours of trying on different outfit combinations and playing with my dildo..  Was totally going to start over and do my plug task correctly, but ended up doing some sucking practice instead. (This is a perfect example of why I need a chastity belt and shock collar, hehe)

So, I failed on the task, but still had some slutty pics to show for it.. so I’m hoping the punishment won’t be too bad ;)