I’ve been suuuuuper lazy with my plug training lately, so Sir had me spend some time plugged tonight. 

I put in the assigned plug, and then put my chastity belt over it. The rear cable kept the plug pushed in deep and made it impossible to get comfortable. Sadly, no pussy plug was mentioned in this assignment, so my greedy pussy was left wet and ignored until the task was completed. Since my main use is as a mouth fuckhole, I know better than to expect any attention to my pussy while serving.. 

I put on my set of shackles for this task because I was curious how the belt would look over the corset. The corset is pretty rigid, but adding the metal belt over it made me feel extra restricted (which I love). 

Once properly plugged and belted, I did some of my normal sucking practice paying attention to all of Sir’s sucking key points (depth, tongue, enthusiasm, moaning). 

Sir had me practice on 2 different dildos at 2 different heights so when I was bent over sucking the pink dildo, the cable forced the plug deeper in my ass.. this is so I don’t forget that what I want doesn’t matter. :)