Not my usual type of slutty pics, but sometimes Sir likes to see something a little more classy. Since I’m always looking for reasons to show off my boots, I was more than happy to put together a couple outfits and practice walking around and looking sexy for him. :) 

In these pics I’m dressed up like a stuck up slut just getting back from a ridiculous shopping spree. This kind of slut definitely needs to have cock shoved in her mouth because she thinks she’s better than everyone else and needs to be reminded of her place… And the perfect place for a stuck up slut is on her knees. ;)     

When I’m watching porn always  think its hot to see bitchy/snobby girls being forced to suck cock and watching them transition from not really wanting it, to not being able to get enough. Just proves how slutty they really are, and that they deserve to be treated that way. :)