Recently, Sir expressed an interest in keeping me stored under...

Recently, Sir expressed an interest in keeping me stored under his desk for a few hours at a time while he works or just generally does things that are more important. He likes the idea of having easy access to my mouth for a quick suck without having to get up or stop working.. and I love being in storage for long periods of time and essentially being ignored until needed. Not to mention, one of my favorite ways to be used is to suck Sir’s cock as he watches porn… and this is the perfect arrangement for that. :)

My assignment for today was to come up with a specific uniform that I think would make me useful while in storage under Sir’s desk. As with any of my uniforms, every item should have a purpose and explanation with the ultimate goal of me being optimized for Sir’s use. :)

So here’s the explanation of my Under Desk Storage uniform:

Makeup: Just the usual make-up is ok for this scenario. Its unlikely I will be looked at much, but I should have it on so I’m pretty just incase Sir glances down at me.

Pony tail: A tight ponytail thats high on my head makes a lovely handle for pushing down deeper on cock if my depth needs a little assistance or for assisting if I’m too slow at getting cock in my mouth.

Gloves and stockings: These were added just incase Sir should  look down at me. As always, I should be as visually pleasing as possible. :) I always hope that it’s harder to punish me if I’m cute and sexy.

Penis gag: This is good for keeping my mouth filled while waiting - also convenient that it unbuckles in the front so its easy for Sir to unbuckle to gain access to my mouth, then shove it back in when he’s done.

Chain: To keep me tethered in place.. can’t have me wandering off whenever I feel like it.  I’m sure there are other ways to secure me under the desk without interfering with this work, but I will let Sir use his creativity for that.

Shock collar: The shock collar is good for summoning me to suck via the vibrate button, or for correcting lazy sucks with shocks as needed. Its also good for delivering a continuous shock while I’m receiving cum in my mouth. This ensures I’m not enjoying myself too much and creates lovely moaning and suffering sounds for Sir to enjoy as he cums. 

Latex panties: These are good for general objectification. They always make me feel like I’m just a set of holes to be fucked, and keep me in the midst that what I want doesn’t matter. I got the extra thick latex version, so the sheaths make the process of being fucked feel much less satisfying, and ensures I will not be distracted by my greedy pussy if somehow Sir is enticed to fuck a hole other than my mouth. Also, the extra thick latex over my clit makes cumming a lot harder, so Sir doesn’t have to worry about me sneaking in my own pleasure and subsequently, becoming lazy and no longer useful to him.

Inflatable dildos: In this scenario its unlikely that I would have anything other than my mouth used, so it makes sense to have both holes stuffed with inflatable dildos for Sir to inflate and deflate as he finds useful. He likes to make sure I don’t forget that my main purpose is to be used as a mouth fuckhole and reinforce that my other holes are merely for punishment. He also enjoys the different reactions he gets based on the number of pumps and which hole is being inflated.

Plug harness: This keeps the dildos deep in my holes so no matter how I move there’s no way for me to ignore that I’m completely filled and rendered useless until a hole is unplugged and made available for use.

Suction cup dildo nearby: to keep my mouth busy as I wait to be used. If I’m not gagged, then I will need to be practicing my sucking. 

Cuffs: to keep my pesky hands out of the way, and stop me from trying to sneak my fingers under my latex panties for an orgasm.


I’m sure Sir will adjust the uniform to his needs as he sees fit. :)