Shock collar testing continues.. :)Since my main purpose is to be...

Shock collar testing continues..  :)

Since my main purpose is to be Sir’s mouth fuckhole, its very important that I can perform my sucking exactly as I have been trained. This is why I need constant practice and technique refinement to ensure I never get lazy or lose skills.  

For this task, Sir had me do my usual sucking practice until eyes watering and add a few shocks here and there to see if it would effect my performance. Its helpful for him to see what intensity of shock works most effectively for him to get what he wants.

The contact points on the collar were twisted around to the back of my neck to make it easy for him to deliver correcting shocks as needed without restricting my movement. 

Its definitely more comfortable for me to wear the collar this way, but there is no question in my mind that his pleasure is the only thing that matters. :)