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More cage time pics. :)I really love my little water bottle.....

More cage time pics. :)

I really love my little water bottle.. Theres something super objectifying and sexy about being forced to drink from a container intended for animals. 

I also like that Sir doesn’t have to bother opening the cage to give me water- he can just hang a bottle on the outside, and walk away.

..And since I’m on the topic..heres a fun fact about me and cages: My fascination with being in a cage started when I was really young (like 5 or 6..maybe even younger), and the majority of the games I played as a kid revolved around me pretending to be a dog. I even remember making leashes with belts, string, and yarn -which got me in a lot trouble as a kid, lol.

So, I suppose this was a fetish for me long before I was technically old enough to have fetishes. :)

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Storage practice with inflatable plugs “Next task: …garters with...

Storage practice with inflatable plugs

“Next task: …garters with leather belt. Inflatable toys in ass and pussy, and wear the modular gag harness with an inflatable gag.. All 3 holes filled and pumped…”


As per my rules, when all 3 holes are filled I’m considered worthless and in storage. Sir likes that he doesn’t have to worry about me sneaking in any pleasure, and the plugs keep me frustrated and eager to serve when he comes back.

This particular task was a little more challenging than usual because I have never had the inflatable dildo in my ass… and It was just as intense as I had imagined. 

After some crawling around and moaning (muffled by the gag), I was allowed to use the hitachi over my belt to try and cum. 

Even though I had a thick piece of leather over my pussy I was able to get enough sensation to cum… Which is exactly how a slut would react. :)

As always, I’m grateful to Sir for such thorough training. :)

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One of my rules is that I’m required to clean up any slutty...

One of my rules is that I’m required to clean up any slutty messes I create with with my mouth. Sir often does wet checks to see if I’m enjoying myself too much and punishes me accordingly.  

Usually I have to lick the panties clean, but if I made an especially large mess they’re shoved in my mouth and the muzzle is put on over them. Sir reminds me that I can avoid this humiliation by not getting so wet in the first place, but thats an impossible task for a slut. 

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I was looking for something to post, and I found this photo.. My...

I was looking for something to post, and I found this photo.. My gag is a little messed up, but I wanted to post it because it accurately depicts what its like for me to be put in storage while waiting for Sir to make me useful… Gagged, plugged, belted, and in my cage. The nipple clamps are not usually added so I must have been extra naughty that day. ;)

I also like that I look a little sad, and I was wearing my heavy lockbox on my collar. The lock box is impossible to ignore, and contains the keys to my belt- which unfortunately can’t be seen from this angle.

I dont recall how long I was in the cage for, but I know for sure that the gag was only removed when my mouth was needed, and immediately shoved back in when done. :)

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