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An on-going assignment for me is to put together specific...

An on-going assignment for me is to put together specific uniforms for my various roles  (service kitty, mouth fuckhole, maid). I have to explain why I chose each item, and how they make me useful to Sir. He likes to see what I come up with, and its a good exercise to show my understanding of his needs. 

So, I came up with an official maid uniform this time. :)

This would be something I wear if given some house cleaning tasks and not specifically needed as a mouth fuckhole. (Although, plans can change at any time, so I made sure the most important holes are readily available.)

I start by getting all pretty and putting on my usual makeup. Red lipstick is required so I look a little more formal than usual.

Hair is up in a tight pony tail to keep it out of the way. I never know when I might be needed for a quick suck. Not to mention the pony tail is a perfect handle for forcing me into position if I get sassy.

The maid dress and stockings add to the aesthetic and further state my role as a slut providing a service. Also, it’s visually pleasing for Sir.

I put the We-vibe in my pussy as a convenient way for Sir to signal that he needs me. Depending on my instructions turning on the vibe might mean I need to crawl over to him or might mean I need to go to the mirror and do some sucking practice… or maybe he will just force a few orgasms for his amusement then punish me for making a mess everywhere.

Metal chastity belt with rear opening:
Since I will likely be distracted by the we-vibe (even when its not on), the belt is necessary to stop me from playing with my greedy pussy. I tend to focus on my tasks better when that option has been removed. The rear opening is a good reminder that my ass is easily available for use if I’m not following orders. Plus, Sir thinks its hot for me to bend over with a maid uniform on and have an exposed ass. (super humiliating for me.)

Leather corset: 
The leather corset goes over my dress and belt. The corset keeps me standing up straight and is pretty to look at. Its also ads another layer of hopelessness to the fact that my pussy is locked up. Even if Sir felt like using my pussy, it would be too much hassle for him to take the corset off when other holes can be used more easily. 

The thick leather collar is used for this uniform.. Its not quite a posture collar, but its very effective at forcing me to stand up straight, and it’s impossible to fully relax with it on. Since it makes cock sucking more difficult, it becomes a built in punishment when I beg to suck.

Long leather gloves:
because- gloves. Don’t really need a reason for those.  :)

Wrist cuffs:
Sir may need to lock my hands to my sides or behind me. He shouldn’t have to bother with putting them on.

The tether limits my arm movement and reminds me if my situation. It makes chores harder but not impossible, so I have no excuse not to complete.

Kitty ears and Fox tail plug:
Mostly just to be cute. Its hard for Sir to be mean to a cute kitty, and I take full advantage of that. :) Sir likes how the tail looks when I crawl or walk, and that it keeps my ass plugged and uncomfortable. He also thinks its cute when the ears touch him while having his cock sucked.

They’re hot to look at and encourage good posture.

Heel cuffs/chain:
The heel cuffs ensure that I don’t get lazy and take my shoes off when nobody is looking. The chain will slow down my walking, making all my movements sexy and deliberate. The chains will force me to crawl up and down stairs, and thats always hot to look at.

After that I should be ready to perform any household cleaning or service task Sir can think of. :)

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Here are a few pics from the first part of my task on Sunday. The...

Here are a few pics from the first part of my task on Sunday.

The task was to get the wevibe in my pussy followed by the inflatable dildo.  Then I was to put the metal belt over the whole thing, lock it up tight, and pray that Sir had better things to do than train his slut. 

The dildo holds the vibrator in place making it that much harder to adjust my position and escape once I’ve started to cum, and having the metal belt over it makes it impossible for me to reach under and move anything with my pesky hands. 

Getting both toys in my pussy was kind of a tight fit for me, so it slightly displaces the wevibe in the pics, but it did its intended job and I spent most of my time begging NOT to cum.

So many orgasms meant I had lots of my own mess to lick clean before moving on to other slutty tasks. :)

(and sorry about the bruises.. gonna be a week or so before they go away)

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Just in case you guys forgot that I’m a slut- here are some...

Just in case you guys forgot that I’m a slut- here are some graphic pictures of my butt! :) 

Playing on my own tonight, I was inspired to try try the we-vibe in an unconventional way… 

I took the small part that supposed to go in my pussy, and put it in my ass, then I put the bigger part in my pussy. (hopefully that makes sense) 

Then I put my belt on over the whole thing, and used the app on my phone to play with it. I love that each part can be controlled independently - so I could pick which hole to vibrate. 

Never had my ass vibrated like that before… felt soooo slutty.. I kinda liked it. :)

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Here’s my other app controlled vibrator called “we-vibe”...

Here’s my other app controlled vibrator called “we-vibe” ( 

I’ve played with this one on my own, but haven’t tried it with Sir yet. It works just like the other one, so he will be able to control it from his phone wherever he is. 

He will be able to control the intensity of the g-spot stimulation, and the clit stimulation separately using the app, and there’s less rattling around noises under the belt because of how it sits in my pussy.

When I played with it on my own, I had no trouble cumming, but the orgasm was far less intense than if Sir had been in control if it (this happens all the time and is so unfair).. So I will wait until he’s tortured me with it for awhile before I make any claims on how well it works. :)

My only concern is that it seems way more powerful than the other app controlled vibrator.. I kinda hope Sir forgets I have this one ;)

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