I wanted to share an example of written “instructions” I’m given when I’m due for some training but can’t be handled directly by my Sir… This has proven to be quite effective. Sir is free to do his work or go to meetings without having to stop and check up on me, and I get a full day of training (leaving me teased and very desperate for attention as soon as he is able). Everybody wins! :)

So here it is:

8 am- Insert metal butt plug and lock on leather chastity belt (Seems simple enough, but this immediately makes me wet, distracted, and completely unable to focus on anything else.)

9am - Please the dildo with your mouth for at least 3 minutes at 9, 9:30, and 10:00 (I literally use my phone as a stop watch and set alarms to make sure I suck for the right amount of time, at the right time. For whatever reason I like strict time tables for these kinds of tasks. All dildo sucking is done on the mirror, of course.)

10am - Undo belt to insert dildo into your pussy briefly, lock belt back on with no pussy plug. Expected to repeat brief cock insert and fully clean with mouth at 10:30 and 11. *Documentation photos expected to show at least one of wetness and one of your cleaning tasks. (This one is always difficult for me- it’s very hard “to briefly insert” and immediacy remove only to lick it clean and lock back up.. but, I’m able to comply at this point because it’s still early. Cleaning toys this way is just one of my regular rules. I don’t have to be reminded of this anymore.)

11am - Insert dildo into pussy and lock belt on. If still wet at 11:30, attach nipple clamps. (This refers to a “wet check”.. I’m checked for wetness and punished accordingly at various times of my training. The fact that I’m wet means that I’m enjoying myself entirely too much… only a slut would enjoy something like that… and sluts get punished. I always fail. Unfortunately for me all I have to do is think about being checked and I’m a mess.)

12pm - Relieved for one hour with no tasks. (I remember this day- and I remember spending my “free time” continuing to practice more sucking and sending more pics- always good to have some “extra credit” on file ;) 

1pm- Insert metal butt plug and lock on belt, also put on choke collar. (That seems easy until I realize I have an hour to kill. Can’t really do anything else as I’m completely useless for “normal” tasks once locked in my belt. So, I had to sit there feeling the plug deep in my ass, and watching the clock- eagerly awaiting the next task.)

2pm -Please the dildo with your mouth almost out of reach with collar/leash for at least 5 minutes at 2 and 2:30. *Document with picture and any insight declaring what you currently are good for. (This refers to a special leather choke collar I have - I put the dildo just out of reach and tie my leash to something so I have to struggle against it to get my mouth on the dildo. Its a beautiful balancing act between choking and sucking; and I’m doing it all to myself. Love this. And as far as the insight goes- “I’m currently good as a mouth fuckhole, Sir.”)

3pm- Undo belt to insert dildo into your pussy briefly. Quickly clean with mouth, and lock belt on with no pussy plug. (Left unsatisfied with a plugged ass and empty pussy and nothing but time to reflect.)

3:30- Insert dildo into pussy and lock belt on (FINALLY!)

4pm- Remove dildo to clean with mouth almost out of reach with collar/leash for at least 5 minutes (As you can imagine- it was quite messy, so I had to work extra hard to pull against the collar and lick everything clean. It took me much longer than 5 minutes to complete this task.)

4:30 - 5pm If still wet insert penis gag into pussy until wet, then lock deep into mouth. Insert both plugs, then lock belt on, attach nipple clamps. *Document with picture and any insight declaring what you currently are good for and what your prioritizes are. (Of course I was still wet. Is they sky blue? As far as insight goes- My priority is pleasing his cock. When all my holes are plugged or covered I’m not available to do this and I’m essentially useless. The goal is for me to recognize this fact and beg to be made useful again.)

So why is this so incredibly hot to me? There’s something about having everything written out so clearly as if it were instructions on how to bake a cake makes this seem extra slutty. No regard to what I may want, or how I may feel at a particular time of the day- I simply have a task to complete and I have to stop what I’m doing and comply.. And the fact that I’m not being directly watched makes it even more objectifying. Basically, I’m doing this super slutty thing and nobody is even watching.. I’m doing these things simply because I was told to. I can’t cheat or skip steps because email/text documentation was required at various points. 

Now I’m craving another training day!

Thank you for reading :)