Q: What's up with all the yarn? Do you play with it when being a kitty?

I love this question! I’m surprised that I don’t get more questions about the weird random things in my play area -like my animal skulls, taxidermy, and bad art. I suppose people don’t notice those things when I’m crawling around and practicing cock sucking on dildos. :)

No, I don’t play with the yarn when I’m being a kitty. I’m more of a slutty kittygirl that needs service training, punishment, and lots of cock in my mouth.. I suppose the kitty stuff would be considered ‘pet play’ but I don’t actually act like a cat. Cats scratch and bite and pee all over everything. I think Sir would take me to the vet have me put to sleep if I did that, lol. 

The real life story about the yarn is, when I’m not being trained I love to crochet and knit. Its a bit of an obsession for me, and its a bonus that it keeps my hands away from my greedy pussy. 

I’ve knitted some fun things in the past including a huge pillow shaped like a penis (for a friend)- complete with veins and everything. It was super gross, lol. I believe my friend still has it on his couch. I feel bad for anyone that has to look at it. 

Thank you for the question and the opportunity to explain some of my non-slutty activities. :)