your boots are delicious looking! what is the brand?

Q: your boots are delicious looking! what is the brand?

The boots I’m wearing most often right now are Michael Antonio. I have no idea who that designer is but they were cheap and the right height: They’re really easy to walk in, too. 

The boots I wore in the pony pictures are Anne Klein and from here: Those boots were a little more expensive, but are short enough to wear in public and not feel like a total slut all the time. ;)

I think the biggest problem with finding sexy boots is that its hard to find pairs that are tight enough in the calves. I haven’t bought any boots from here (because I generally like much taller heels than they offer), but Sir says this site has nice boots: 

Oh, and I’m also attempting to order these insanely sexy boots: But, I put my order in and have yet to get an actual invoice to pay for them. I’m not overly confident about that transaction, lol. 

I have 2 pairs of Fernando Berlin boots on the way, and those will be nice and tight in all the right places, but those take some time to get made. :)