Production Times 

  • Standard lead time for chastity belts is 3-4 weeks (plus handling and postage) 
  • Custom production lead time is 2-3 months (plus handling and postage) 

Permanent chastity

24/7 Chastity is achievable but safe and hygienic practices must be implemented. 

Our belts now come fitted with Neoprene rubber lining or U weld rubber aiding longer wear and comfort 

It goes without saying that any play, must be consensual and for adults aged 18+.

Hygiene and cleaning

Fancy Steel encourage regular cleaning of your goods. Cleaning practices must be implemented for your health and safety.

Warm soapy water is recommended. If you suffer from dermatitis or any skin allergies please check if the soap is recommend for your skin.

Do not use bleaches or other harsh chemicals as this can cause skin irritation and health problems.

Syringe kits are available to buy on the site & are recommended for maintaining hygiene.



  • Australian sales include 10% GST tax in the final price.
  • For orders over $2000 AUD an importation tax may apply in your country.