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Movie: 'Corrections'

1080HD Chastity belt fetish Video 

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Carmen was led into the punishment room...it was time to receive 20 lashes with the cane, she could already imagine it cutting into the soft flesh of her bottom.  Her pussy would also be caged, trapped and out of reach.
It was known that Carmen had partaken in a little BDSM when she was a free woman...but the prison guards doubted she had ever experienced anything quite as real as what was to come.  From the look of her pale and beautiful rear end, she was a virgin to the kind of cane designed to create bright red, raw markings onto her skin. One by one, Carmen took each lash of the cane, getting weaker in spirit with each strike of the cane on her ass. By the time the last lash hit, she was spent, exhausted, defeated.

This presented the guards with a perfect opportunity to give her a much harsher punishment.

As Carmen was trying to recover, the guards showed her the prison chastity belts.  She became pale and began to sob, she knew what those chastity belts meant. Already weak from the caning, all Carmen could do was submit to her new master as the belt was locked in place.  This belt would prevent her from smuggling anything again, nor receiving any pleasure while held within these four walls.

The raw cane markings on her ass stung and burned as she put on her prison garb and was shackled for transport. These markings would heal eventually...She was more worried about the cold steel now firmly locked around her waist, locked in a freezing embrace, cooling down the hot passions she still has. This belt will bind her for the rest of her sentence...with the guards in her new home reminding her of her predicament every second, of everyday.  

This video is fiction and designed to provoke fetish and kinky minds. 

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