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FSF-001 FSF-001 FSF-001
$773.00 AUD

Fancy Steel male chastity belt expert kit

The expert kit includes every thing for the chastity belt enthusiast with $124 of extra value  

Starter kit Includes:

  • 1x Waist band 
  • 1x PVC lining kit 
  • 1x Male Chastity tube 
  • 1x Locking bracket and cable system 
  • 3x Interconnecting links 
  • 2x O-rings 
  • 1x Rear opening plate 
  • 1x Polished padlock w/2 keys 
  • 1x Hex tool key 
Key Features: 
  • Stainless steel waist band (1.5 stainless high polished) 
  • Locking plate and cable system 
  • Easy to use and highly adjustable 
  • Polished padlock with w/2 keys 
  • Beautiful and unique 
The FSM-001 is constructed from highly polished 305 1.5 stainless steel.
Our waistband design has plenty of adjustments 4cm each way this allows for any weight fluctuation.
Our locking mechanism is easy to use and highly adjustable. Once locked around your waist it is secure and impossible to remove without a key.
Our cable system makes this chastity belt extremely adjustable and versatile. Extra shields or components can be easily added to the belt. 
How it works : 
The male tube profile is easily adjusted along the cable system & by moving this into place you can achieve a very tight secure fit. 
For extra security a shield plate can be added the the male pelvis pubic bone area for extra to eliminate any chance of pull outs.  For pieced men and PA Prince Albert locking pin can be added to stop any pull outs 
At the rear the cable design acts like a steel g-string or thong coated with clear PVC making it comfortble and suitable for long term wear. An extra anal opening plate can be added to cables to provide a opening piece for bodily functions.    

Please note:

Rear Opening plate and O-rings are not included. 

Belts might slightly very as each is custom madewe are forever striving for perfection and small changes might be made to better the design and belt construction. 

    $773.00 AUD